My son, Owen, was angry on holiday with my dad. On the way b

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My son, Owen, was angry on holiday with my dad. On the way back to the airport, they stopped at a hotel for the night. They didn't notice that Puppy, my son’s pet dog, was lost until the next night when Owen was going to bed. Owen has autism(孤独症) , and he cannot sleep without Puppy.

My dad called the hotel to see if Puppy was there. In fact, someone there had found Puppy and the hotel mailed Puppy to my dad. They hoped that it would reach my son before the flight home. But Puppy didn’t make it, and Owen had to go home with my dad alone. The flight home was filled with kind people. A lady saw Owen was upset about Puppy, so she went and bought another dog for him.

I can never thank the hotel enough for sending Puppy back when they did not have to,or the lady at the airport who made Owen feel a little safer.

Owen never forgot about Puppy's trip, so when he got two tickets to a basketball game, he decided to give them to two friends. They were basketball fans and they were going to watch the game outside. Owen told me that Puppy would have never come home if people had not been nice, so he wanted to be nice to others.

Owen opens doors for others, and he is always giving his old toys away to kids who don't have any. Every time he does that, his face lights up with pride.

1.What was lost on Owen's way back home?

A. Owen B. His toy C. His pet dog D. His grandpa's pet.

2.Whom did the grandfather go home with?

A. Owen. B. Owen and another dog.

C. Puppy. D. Another dog.

3.Who got two tickets to a basketball game and watched the game?

A. Owen. B. Owen’s grandfather.

C. The lady. D. Owen's two friends.

4.According to the passage, how many dogs do Owen have now?

A. One B. Two C. Three D. Four

5.According to the passage, what do you think of Owen now?

A. He still has autism. B. He is kind and helpful.

C. I don't know. D. He never helps others.

1.C 2.B 3.D 4.B 5.B 【解析】本文作者讲述了他一家旅游的遭遇。在旅游时,丢了他的儿子宠物狗,他的儿子有孤独症,没有狗陪伴睡不着觉。在作者的爸爸和他的儿子欧文坐飞机回家时,一个女士看到欧文因为心烦意乱时,给他买了一只狗;后来旅馆给他寄回了丢失的狗。由于此次旅行,欧文改变了许多,欧文为别人打开了门,他把两张篮球赛的票给了他的两个好朋友,因为他们是篮球迷,...

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